Project Details

The task for this week was to do the first attempt to install the RS3 dashboard into the new #RScirocco body. As you can probably guess - not an easy one. Not to ruin the original RS3 dashboard, we took just a regular A3 8p dash, from the first junkyard we had to think of. So now the cut and crop can begin. To our surprise, it turned out that the dash fits fairly well in terms of length, but its depth caused our biggest struggles. We had to cut about 80mm from it in so that it loos properly fitted - like OE. Cutting was the easy part, the main problem was that underneath the section that we cut there is the RS3 windshield fan grill, and we had to again become creative not to lose the #RScirocco windshield airflow. As you can see from the photos we have moved the fan openings and grills as far back as possible. Now we have a pretty good idea of how exactly to cut the original RS3 dashboard so that we can have “the perfect fit”.